The Bethlehem Steel Corporation Photo Collection at NMIH comprises thousands of photographs, transparencies, and negatives from the corporate archives. Dozens of industrial photographers were employed by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation to capture iron and steelmaking activities in the plants, in the mines, on construction projects, in maritime and rail industries, and inside the largest steelmaking research and development facility in the world, at one time. This digitized collection is the result of a two year long process of identifying and selecting negatives, in an aim to represent the full extent of corporate operations during the first three quarters of the 20th century.

Digitization efforts for this collection was generously funding by the PHMC Records Care Grant program, making approximately​ 1,500 photographs and negatives available for public access.

The images in this collection represent the plant sites, operations, and subsidiary companies of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

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San Pedro Shipyard



San Pedro Shipyard



San Pedro Shipyard